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Thread: Problem with extraction

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    Problem with extraction

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    Hi guys, I have a vbm junior and k3 push and have been making consistently good coffee with it for around 2 years and regularly back flushing. Lately my shots have been still 30ml in 30 seconds but have been weak tasting and the pour looks a lot thinner in consistency if that makes sense. I have not changed my dosing or tamping method. I have noticed that fresh beans about 4 days post roast pour great and taste great. But at about 2-3 weeks post roast this is what I'm getting. I used to get to about 5 weeks before I'd toss leftover beans and roast more. To be sure about roast I got some espresso wow from Andy and started using them 3 days post roast and were fantastic. About 3 weeks on and not so great again. I store beans in air tight container.
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    It's just hit me that the one thing I have changed of late is that my wife has switched from light milk to skim a2 and now making her piccolos. I have been a tight arse and only putting enough of her milk for piccolo in a 300ml jug and steaming. Thinking about it I'm probably scorching milk making crap milk even worse. Wondered why my coffee tasted pretty good and hers didn't when I was pulling 2 singles from the same double spout.

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    When you start getting thin and weak tasting extractions, assuming your extraction time/vol is still right, it's time to toss your beans. They've passed their prime and it's time to move onto the next batch. Most properly stored beans hit this point around 2 to 3 weeks after roasting.

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    Light milk has more butterfat than skim, so the coffee will be "thinner" with skim.

    Go for luxury yourself and use the A2 whole milk.

    Careful with the steaming too. Make sure the steam is really dry before starting the milk, and that you are getting the temperature right. I do about 50 ml of milk for my milk coffee and steaming takes less than 10 seconds.


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