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Thread: SYD: Good barista training course?

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    SYD: Good barista training course?

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    Hello fellow snobs,

    I'm looking to do a barista course in Sydney or outer suburbs and wanted to know if any snobs could point me in the direction of a good course??

    There's lots of basic courses ranging from $75 (Australian Baristas School) to $159 (Jetblack Espresso) & intermediate and advanced above that. I'd imagine some are better than others, if anyone has had a good experience or can recommened a good course let me know.

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    I thought the one at Jetblack was good... don't have anything to compare to unfortunately.

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    It's not a barista course, but Dan at Vargabar in Newtown regularly holds free coffee evenings ("Captains of Coffee Course"). Basically he gives you advice and you pull a couple of shots on their commercial machine, and froth some milk and do some pouring. He also provides food and wine, so it's all round a nice night out. I did learn some useful things from there as well. I highly recommend giving it a go.

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    In hay market I did this coffee art and barista course a year or so ago was pretty good and not too expensive
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