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Thread: [WTN] The making of different sizes of coffee

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    [WTN] The making of different sizes of coffee

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    I'm new here,and i always want to know what's the differences inside between the regular,medium & large size of coffee,especially in a takeaway cup?
    For instance,a Regular latte consists of 30ml of coffee,the rest steamed milk with 1cm froth on top.
    What about the medium and large?Do we double the shots or even triple,2cm or 3cm of froth?

    I'd like to hear more about other selections of coffee as well.Thank you!

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    How long is a piece of string?

    It will vary from place to place, barista to barista and with type of drink. The problem as I understand it, with take away cups, is that the volume ratio between cups is unrelated to shot volume. So a drink requiring 1 shot in a small, might need 1.5 in a medium to be exactly the same.

    I tend to order a small long macciatto 3/4 topped up. That is, in my usual place, two 'double' shots and about the same volume of milk. Recently they were trying a new roast, but only had enough for a single shot. So I had them reduce the total volume (i.e. they used a take away espresso cup).
    Sure, I had a smaller coffee, but it was worth it.

    Labels are really just a sales tool, and any sense of a 'standard' drink is really just an approximation, in practice.

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    Small/ Regular should be 8oz and single shot,
    Standard ratio of coffee to milk

    Medium/ Large should be 12oz and double shot,
    makes them a little stronger, I prefer this size but yu can choose to ask your friendly local barista for a ristretto to restrict the coffee volume is you wish

    Extra-Large Are usually 16oz. some places will give you a double, some will do a triple.

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    robbks pretty much explains it but i have found a few cafes are starting to do ristretto shots for regular.

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    At the cafe where i work we sell 8oz and 12oz takeaways. 8oz flat white, latte etc all have a short double shot 45ml. 12oz flat white, latte etc. gets a full double shot ~60ml.
    We use 18g vst baskets.

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    I have found most places put the same amount of coffee in each cup and just charge you for extra milk, or they do 1-2 shots in the small, and about 3 in the large, imo it should be 1 shot in the small, 2-3 in the medium and 3-4 in the large.

    I always ask for how many shots I want otherwise coffee can taste too milky.

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    my local drive through coffee place (MuzzBuzz) does that... last time they only do a double shot and fill up the rest with milk... but the other day while desperate for a coffee during a rush day, I went to order one extra large coffee for the long drive, I requested for a triple shots, and the lady at the store advised me they started doing triple shots now....

    Still tasted bland and watery milky though...

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