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Thread: Different coffee machines in cafes

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    Different coffee machines in cafes

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    Ownership of my favourite cafe at Fingal Beach has changed and the new owners have installed a new coffee machine which appears to be automatic and has lots of small blue buttons [its behind the counter and its hard to stickybeak]. The brand of coffee has also changed [ugh!] and I now take a bottle of water down to the beach.

    My question is, do commercial machines have the same foibles as the domestic, some making better coffee than others, the previous owner ground his own beans and the coffee was better.

    Your comments ...

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    Of course, though I imagine the differences between machines is smaller than with the massive range of domestics.

    Grind to order manual > superautomatic every time, assuming a basic level of competency.

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    Long boat cafe? What a shame.

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    Of course there will be difference. My favorite coffeeplace in Maastricht perfect coffee and very good food and service love it. Otherwise i prefer drinking espresso from my own espresso equipment which i bought last week.

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