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Thread: Arabica prices lowest since April 2009.

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    Arabica prices lowest since April 2009.

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    This makes interesting reading, wonder if we will feel the affect here in OZ?

    "the loosening of packaging requirements could further suppress prices that already are weighed down by a glut of arabica beans, the variety used by roasters such as Starbucks and IllyCaffè , traders and analysts say. The new rule "is going to increase the amount available [in stockpiles]," said Jack Scoville, a vice president at brokerage Price Futures Group in Chicago. That likely would pressure prices even more, Mr. Scoville added.
    Stockpiles of arabica are near 3½-year highs, caused largely by back-to-back record harvests in No. 1 grower Brazil. The glut has driven prices of arabica to their lowest levels since April 2009. Arabica futures rose 0.2% to $1.1525 a pound on the ICE Futures U.S. exchange on Wednesday."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yelta View Post
    wonder if we will feel the affect here in OZ?



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    Not if you buy your coffees from aforementioned chain gangs.
    Lower commodity price = bigger profits….. generally.

    Higher end specialty coffee prices from Central America may well go up in 2014 due to the mega
    outbreak of coffee rust.

    Those bulk grain type bags have been around for a while.
    I used to get a Mexican bean, in 250kg lots, in 1 tonne bulk bags, back in 2011.
    Not full but after an importer had already taken the other 750kgs out and repackaged it. ;-)

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