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Thread: Australian Coffee Week 2013

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    Australian Coffee Week 2013

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Do you fit this stereotype?
    (Before you dash off an angry response, ensure your funny bone isn't fractured.

    No need to get in a froth, people, it's only a beverage

    This week has been declared Australian Coffee Week - a period in which, presumably, the coffee enthusiasts among us can be even more insufferable than usual, banging on about their barista and how he achieves the perfect "grind", and oh, oh, oh, don't even start them on his tamping.

    It's a hot beverage, people.

    Read more: No need to get in a froth, people, it's only a beverage

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    Morning Flynn, read it with my morning Lungo entertaining read.

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    Those commenting on the article seem to be taking it quite seriously?!

    Reading through it seemed entirely tongue-in-cheek. As for the content, I feel the same way about cars: it's got 4 wheels and it goes, what else is there? ;P

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    Bugger it. I'm having a cup of Ying-Yang instead. Best of both tea and coffee

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    I read Richard Glovers coffee chatter this morning over a macchiato at my favourite local coffee shop.

    I had to chuckle over Richards irreverence to coffee snobbery. I don’t think he expects us to take it at all seriously.

    For me every week is coffee week.


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