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Thread: Worth the Trade?

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    Worth the Trade?

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    I have someone that may be willing to swap a perfectly working 2006 iMac for a Viva Reneka 2 group. They say that the machine's control buttons are not working and believe that it's the flat cable, inside, that's the problem. They say that the service person that they had out is unable to get the part and why they willing to let the machine go so cheap. It's also been sitting for over a year. Other than that they say that it was completely "overhauled" two years ago, whatever that means.

    I found the part and it's about $25(USD). Of course the mystery is, is that all? Wouldn't know until that part's replaced.

    I currently have a Nemox Cafe' Del Opera that I've out-grown and ready to step it up a notch, but don't have the complete funds to do so. My plan was to trade the iMac (that I no longer have a use for) for this machine, fix it, sell it and put that towards a better machine. I'd keep it, but it would never fit in my small kitchen.

    What's it worth in (USD) working condition?
    What's it worth in (USD) non-working condition?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Unless there's visible signs of damage to the cable the problem is much more likely to be the electronic circuitry.

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