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    On the go

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    Hi guys n girls I have a handpresso Auto and looking for a way to texture / heat milk to 65 without 240v does anyone have any easy suggestions 12v is available I would prefer not to use an inverter to drive my Breville milk frothier but at this stage it looks like this might be my only option?.......any suggestions?

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    You might consider a cigarette lighter water heater? It's basically an element that runs off 12V that you sit in the liquid to heat it up. They're all about 120W as far as I can tell so it'll pull 10A with the car off so I wouldn't suggest using it for too long on a standard battery, but for one or two drinks it'd be fine. Also depends on how big your battery is. I haven't had personal experience with this product but I don't see why it shouldn't work.

    To froth the heated milk, a battery powered frother would be suitable. I just bought one the other day to go with my aeropress/porlex combo and it can make acceptable froth if you practice enough. There's a fine line between far too thick froth and froth that mixes well with the drink. You wont get microfoam or anything out of it though. It's fun to use though.

    If you use ebay, you'd be looking at under $10 for those 2 components, pretty good deal.

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