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Thread: barista injured by years of steaming milk

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    barista injured by years of steaming milk

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I've often wondered how long this issue would take to rear its head
    $600,000 damages for barista injured by years of steaming milk
    This is just the tip of the ice berg, watch the legal parasites clamor for a piece of the action.

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    I certainly don't see an issue in this case, parasite-wise. (Though I might be misunderstanding you here)

    Sounds like a pretty standard case of an employer falling to address legitimate health and safety concerns and it biting them in the ass.

    I have no idea how what she was doing escalated that far though, any medicos care to comment?

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    Wow! Serves the employer right........... a two kilogram jug?? How about professional barista training where
    a proper work flow on the machine can be established using two or three people to punch out the coffees during peak times?

    People have to held accountable when an employee's passion for and commitment to their work is so costly on personal level.

    You might be right tho' types stopping at their local for a coffee might be ordering "a latté please and how's your arm today?"
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    Well, I'm glad I never had any coffee there. I'd feel pretty guilty. Sounds like it must have been hell.

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    So what would we call the legal types? Coffee-chasers? Steam Fiends? Barista Barristers?

    I've seen it before with non-profits and charities - some think because they aren't a corporation or big business their volunteers can put up with whatever they have to or leave. If the facts are accurate, (& I have no reason to believe they aren't) this sounds like a well-deserved slap. Might help more volunteers and aid workers to get a better deal.

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    yeah but can anyone rely on the accuracy of something written in the media? Over the years I have known some very strange employees...some that would keep working despite sustaining an injury, others that would continually go against instruction from their employers to do things in the proper way, and yet others that deliberately injured themselves on the job, and even some people in high places that would still find in favour of a workers comp plaintiff despite that.... Not that I am saying any of that happened because like all others here, I know nothing about the case other than what is written in the story. How can anyone make judgmenets or observations whether they be for or against either of the plaintiff or the employer, on the basis of a news media story? Some of you will remember all that happened to an unfortunate lady by the name of Lindy Chamberlain...
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    I either have thoracic outlet syndrome or a trapped radial nerve. I'm still waiting on a nerve induction test to properly diagnose it. But it's not fun. Half my hand is numb and swollen and touch causes pins and needles. I have occasional shooting pain up the underside of my arm and it's a constant source of irritation and pain in general. If I could figure out how or why this occurred I'd probably find a way to get recompense too. Unless it was my own stupid fault. Which it probably is. In that case, I'd find someone else to blame and avoid responsibility for it entirely

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