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Thread: Perth CS - Fiori beans Opinions?

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    Perth CS - Fiori beans Opinions?

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    For those that partake of Fiori coffee, what is your impression of late? Since moving out to Midland I believe their espresso roast isn't as good. I used to search out cafes using Fiori, not any more.

    As I haven't posted enuf to get into the WA thread I'd like to plug Louis Baxter in Subiaco. Cafe is in Subiaco train station square. Pull Campos coffee. The manager Josh pulls a mean cup. Cafe is owned by Eamon Sullivan of olympic swimming fame.

    Campos is very prevalent in NSW. I really like the smooth chocolaty taste. Fills your mouth with delicious flavour, not bitter or acidic,quite the opposite actually.

    Once I have my technique sorted i will get a batch of Fiori and compare it to Campos.

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    Love Louis Baxter, very nice joe there

    With regards to Fiori I've always been disappointed with both the single origins and the blends they have available at IGA and fresh prov (yes even when 1-2 weeks old). Often a darker oily sort of roast as well. On the other hand, the blends they do for various cafés e.g. Tiger tiger and Pranzo, have typically been pretty consistent and tasty.

    For my money though Id rather go for Five Senses, Mano a Mano (Gordon st garage), or Ristretto.

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