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Thread: Coffee Shop Fit Out Costs

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    Question Coffee Shop Fit Out Costs

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    Hi all,

    I'm calling on the collective wisdom here to help me estimate costs of a small coffee shop fit out.

    I'm in the process of getting council approval for my project and am working very hard on the details of my business plan. I will be building from scratch and will not have detailed floor plans for a few more weeks. My problem is that I am finding a lot of resistance from the fit out companies to even give me an estimate until they have the building plans. It's almost as though I'm being looked upon as a tyre kicker when this is a serious project with full funding already available. It will be a small shop with and expected vast majority of take away orders and a concentrated offering.

    So if you have done this before, could you help me estimate what I need to put aside to fit out the kitchen area based on the following criteria?

    • 11m2 total area for kitchen and counter/display
    • Counter will be 3m long
    • Main products will be espresso based beverages, frappes, milk shakes, slushies, churros, muffins, panninis and cakes. Therefore anticipated prep stations are espresso, shake, blender shlusie, churro fryer and cleanup.

    So what do you think? I'm looking for a ballpark figure for cupboards/benches/storage, equipment and counter/display.


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    Welcome to the forum pwillems.

    Sounds like you know your high level requirements and now need now to develop a more detailed scope that a shopfitter can quote against. If you engage them properly I'm sure they could help you with this, perhaps meet on site and describe what you want and they'll then be able to provide an accurate quote.

    Seeing as though you're setting up a cafe, I would assume you already know the approximate costs of the coffee machine equipment you want to get, which has a huge range is price.

    In my experience of seeing a few restaurants, bars and cafes established I'd say that once you have your quotes you need to allow sufficient contingency (at least 10%) in your budget for variations.

    Good Luck.

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    Until and unless you specify not just the size and style of construction but also the materials everything is to be constructed from no honest and sane contractor is going to give you a quote with-out specifying such a huge range in price as to make the quote completely meaningless.

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    Welcome to CS pwillems!

    And welcome to the real world......;-D
    No contractor of any merit will give you a quote, let alone an estimation, based on a vague wave of the hand around an empty space.

    Shop fit-outs and home renos are very similar in some ways... it's easy to look at the surface and assume that all is good.
    But have a plumber, electrician or other trade scratch the surface and a hidden world of unknowns may be revealed......

    Is the floor level? Is the existing wiring loom ok? Are there any bricked up or concreted over structures where plumbing needs to run?
    Can you run a flue from your fryer straight through the roof structure?

    Then there is the type and construction of the fittings; are you going cheap or high end? The list goes on and on.......

    It is very unreasonable to expect a professional shop-fitter/ contractor to quote, or estimate, until they have accurate specs.

    If you want some ball-park figures, get some prices from some fabricators of your materials of choice or regs, ( i.e. stainless steel )
    in a 'by the metre' format. Some will have some standard spec benches etc. Cost of fitting is too site specific so don't expect
    to get that until you can provide detailed drawings of your layout.

    Remember, a quote becomes a (semi) legal document should there be a formal dispute and no-one will put their name to something they can't stand behind.
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    Hey pwillems, how did you go with this? Are you still setting this up?

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