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Thread: Whats next after roasting?

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    Whats next after roasting?

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    Growing coffee of course!

    Got home the other day and the wife has bought me my very own coffee tree. Its got a bit burnt in the last few days but now transpotted into a decent pot and in a good place.
    Could be a few years and first batch might be 500 grams.

    Bought at Masters Oakleigh South for about $30.00. Arabica- Rojo Dwarf
    my coffee tree.jpg

    At least its an interesting talking point and i am interested to see how long it takes to make the fruit. it comes with some instructions on that.
    coffee tree instructions.jpg

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    Good luck with that Brett, hope it grows well and repays you for your care & attention. I would do the same but unfortunately we can get pretty severe frosts here during winter. Couldn't see the frosts having any beneficial affect :-(


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    Wow! Will be good to see how this all pans out for you. Growing your own coffee is certainly going the extra mile!

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