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Thread: Great barista course in WA

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    Question Great barista course in WA

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    Hi all,

    Like many, I know how to make a decent cuppa, but want to take that to the next level and learn how to make a great cuppa. Does anyone have some recommendations for a barista course in WA that will set me in the direction of becoming a true artist?


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    It would depend a bit on what "level" you are currently on to get the most out of the course you end up doing. I did the one at Epic a few years ago with a couple of mates, although I knew most of the information/theory that was presented I still learnt a lot by getting hands on training and advise, and it was a lot of fun!!


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    yea second to the Epic classes. i did the espresso and latte art bout 3 years ago. loads of fun and good practice. was quite early in the coffee exploration so it was good pointers and education. i did send my brother off to the Australia Barista Academy over in northbridge and he said that was pretty good too. and a friend just did one at Fiori coffee but yea he's not that into coffee so i'm not so sure how that course went.

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    contact Jono Parkes at Dimattina (CS sponsor) in Osborne Park.

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