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Thread: Pyrex large double wall glasses

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    Pyrex large double wall glasses

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    I got myself some of these guys and they are great!


    Pyrex Double Wall Glass Cups 400ml X 2 | Free Shipping in Australia

    Can anyone recommend anything similar?

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    I found bodum to be very good, their double wall glass has a silicone plug which prevents water from getting inside the class and cloud its appearance. I had another brand which the plug disappeared after a few washes and made the cup looked gross

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    I was give a box of smaller, rounded ones (can't remember the brand) which came from one of those cheapie shops, may have been the Reject Shop. I was a a bit horrified and even feeling a bit insulted on the day, but to my surprise they keep the heat in, and haven't had any trouble with water getting inside or cloudiness. I was also given some tall ones for making ice coffees but one of them shattered at just the inner layer with the drink in it which by chance hubby discovered when he went to give it a little extra stir before drinking. That was scary, so glad we found out before he drank it. I've heard of even expensive glasses like this shattering so that's something to be a bit cautious about.

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    I have the baccarat ones which house seems to have cheap at the moment

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