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Thread: Newbie - advice please

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    Newbie - advice please

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    Hi there everyone!

    Hope this is the correct place to post?

    I stumbled on this forum after trying to research the machine we got (got the Breville Bar Itallia from someone). I know it's not the best, and barely entry level, but for beginners like us I am sure it's a huge step up from instant

    We had a pod machine but it broke. The pods were better than instant (instant just sucks)! So we are keen to try making our own yummy coffee (don't have a grinder yet).

    Our favourite when buying is Flat White or Cappuccino. Very strong and bitter blends does not seem to agree with our newbie tastebuds, so I want to ask:

    What coffee blend would be the best to buy for starters? BeanBay has so many options but not sure what would be a good starting point?

    Any advice would be SO appreciated!

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    Welcome " KVDM"...

    All of Andy's roasts are pretty wonderful mate and you can rely on the cupping notes below each of the coffees on display. As something to start off with, you'd be hard pressed to not be very impressed with this one...
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    The Brazil Premium Bourbon is also a lovely coffee.

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    Thanks so much both of you! Will try those suggestions!

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