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Thread: In-depth training videos for coffee roasting

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    In-depth training videos for coffee roasting

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    Anyone know of any good training videos for coffee roasting? I am talking about something i can purchase or, online training that dose not cost a arm and a leg.
    Thanks for the help

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    There is a USA based company that provides an Online coffee roasting training course. "Arm and leg" costs are relative, but I believe this one costs about $580 Australian depending on the exchange rate. Its a series of videos and articles. It's a non sponsor, so you can PM me for the details if you are interested. It is NOT designed around domestic home style or fluid bed roasters, but references professional drum style roasters. It provides a background to the whole process from growing through to roasting and has a set of tests etc. You can also opt to stay in the program with an ongoing monthly subscription and continual access to new and updated material.

    Depending on where you are based however, you may want to check out CS Sponsors, some such as Talk Coffee & Coffee Roasters Australia offer hands-on training.


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    No helpful videos (as far as I know) but Sweet Maria's has a wealth of very useful info just the same, as per these pages here...
    Sweet Maria's General Roast Observations


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