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Thread: Blend Ehtiopian coffee

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    Blend Ehtiopian coffee

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    I want to blend Ethiopian coffee specially sidama with other country coffee, do any body know which coffee good to blend to get good flavor and creama?

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    You might want to add what type of brewing and roast level you plan to use the blend. I use post roast blend Ethiopian and Brazil or Guat Hue for espresso at Full City.

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    I don't know much about blending, or roasting for that matter, and I have a thoroughly undeveloped palate. I just like good strong coffee.

    My favoured roast is about 600g in coretto of Ethiopian (I like them all, gambella sundried if I had to pick one) followed by 600g South American (Brazil yellow bourbon for example).
    Roasted to the start of 2nd crack.
    Then blended and bagged.

    Lasts 2-3 weeks in my house.

    I'm no expert roaster but I have done maybe 50. I don't have the patience or equipment for tight control, temp curves, repeatablility - it's all by feel, just like how I cook.
    So every batch different. But the mix of Ethiopian and SA seem to balance each other a bit, take some of the rough edges off.

    [edit] just saw you also blend Brazil with Ethiopian Jojo, coincidence!

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    I like my Sidamo two ways--straight and 50/50 with a good Aceh for a version of the "Mocha-Java" classic blend.


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