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Thread: What are good Barista courses in Sydney?

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    What are good Barista courses in Sydney?

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    Hey All,

    I am a student in Sydney and while I am studying I want to earn some extra cash, I love coffee and I have been thinking to do Barista courses to get employment in a cafe.

    So I would like to get some advice from you, what is some of the best Barista courses in Sydney? I never done Barista before, I have only worked as a waitress before in a cafe, so my other question after doing a course is there a chance of getting a job? or are they looking for experienced Baristas?

    Thank you

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    I've only done one barista course and I enjoyed it... it was at Jetblack Espresso (a site sponsor) in Cremorne.

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    I wouldn't mind doing it for fun but would it help or give you a chance getting a job as a barista?

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    Yes..........and no.

    It will demonstrate some enthusiasm but won't count for diddly.

    No-one who cares about their coffee will put you behind a machine, just on a piece of paper.

    There are some employers tho' who are a bit wary of the self proclaimed 'gun' barista and

    who would prefer to take on someone with no experience but the right attitude, teachability and compatibility and then put them under

    the guidance of their experienced staff.

    My daughter landed her first (barista) job this way but it was 3 months before she was put on the machine, now she's doing

    full shifts behind a 3 group KVDW Spirit, run by two baristas. ( darn, how'd she do that??!! )

    If you do a class ( they aren't in any way shape or form a 'course' ) with someone who is well connected, they may, if you have the right qualities,

    be able to point you in the direction of a door or two, the rest will be up to you.

    After doing the class, put together a CV and email it to as many coffee shops as you can find whilst pounding the pavement as well.

    Sometimes a job as floor staff in a good coffee shop is the way to get behind the coffee machine.

    Ya gotta earn your stripes!!

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