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Thread: 6oz coffee take away or paper cups - where to buy?

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    6oz coffee take away or paper cups - where to buy?

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    I can easily get 4oz espresso ones and 8oz standard cafe type ones quite cheaply ($2 for 20 without lids) but I can't seem to get 6oz (or 180ml) ones in Melbourne. I don't want 1000 either as I only need 20-25 for my son's b'day party where I intend to serve coffee but I don't want to serve them in 8oz cups. Anyone know where I can get these cheaply? Don't want to go down the postage option because postage will end up costing 3 times the actual cost of the cups.

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    Why not serve 180 ml drinks in the 240 ml cup? It's obviously the easiest thing to do.

    EPS Distribution might be worth a call, so might the O'Kelly Group, or Pactrading.

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