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Thread: Proper coffee in pods

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    Proper coffee in pods

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    I remember reading something about a place that makes custom made pods for these infernal machines. A guy I know has an Aldi pod machine (I'm not the one who bought it) and he might like to know where he can get better coffee in pods.

    Does anybody know of this place? Both this guy I know and me are in Melbourne.


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    You can buy refillable or disposable fill your own pods all over the place online with a quick search. 2 of the 3 roasters I get to in canberra sell them so the odds are probably pretty good that most of the places in melbourne would.

    I dabbled for a mahine at work, coffee was ok if you put a pod of machine cleaner through first.

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    Save your money.
    refilling is messy, tricky, and time consuming,
    unless you do it with fresh grinds immediately prior to making the coffee, it will be wasted effort.
    none of the refillable pods are ever as good as even the original pods, and invariably have a 50% chance of failing completely.
    If you want decent coffee, buy a cheap espresso or pour over device.

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