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Thread: The Coffee Experience ...Sydney ?

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    The Coffee Experience ...Sydney ?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    So...did anyone go ?
    i could not make it , (long story !), but it seems odd that it has not been mentioned on here....
    ..."or have I missed it ?
    It had all the makings of an interesting event so I expected some stunning new equipment being seen, new processes demonstrated, etc etc ....but nothing mentioned ????

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    Hi blend52, I managed to go on the Saturday. First impressions were that it was quite small, and seemed aimed towards people in the trade. I did manage to spend a couple of hours there though and thought it was quite good. All the vendors were happy to spend time with you and discuss their products.

    I got a free sample of prana chai which I'm enjoying, and a few other small goodies.

    There was no shortage of coffee samples, however most were espresso shots or very strong piccolo's. And to be honest, when a coffee is that strong I struggle to pick the flavours. They all just tasted like strong coffee to me.

    I also participated in some cupping and watched some of the latte art compitition.

    There were some seriously amazing bits of kit on display which I could never afford, but we're nice to look at.

    Overall I found it enjoyable bit wouldn't go back purely because it's a couple of hours drive for me and got what I needed out of it (that is, a coffee experience)

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    I think you will find that if the EXHIBITORS are not satisfied (for whatever reasons) then the event will be deemed to have been UNsuccessful. That is because, next time it comes round, they wont be parting ith any of their hard earned to go and exhibit again.

    The winners are as usual, the event so far as it will go until the event sometime down the track is so poorly attended (by exhibitors) that its not worth putting on.

    I didnt answer the question really, just pointing you all in the right direction which is to ask if the EXHIBITORS thought it was worthwhile.

    I was speaking on Tuesday, with someone that exhibited at the second MICE exhibition but didnt go back subsequently. The reason was that it only ended up being a flag waving excercise where his company did not win one single client out of the event. That's expensive flag waving....

    Additionally, it would seem that some exhibitions have identity crises....! What are they, trade shows or retail shows. What is the objective?

    The coffee and equipment industries in this country have become so fragmented that no one knows where they are going. Companies are growing, but they are not growing from growth in the market, they are only growing by pinching biz from their competitors. There is now an unbelievable OVERSUPPLY of roaster capacity here. And people are still buying more and more roasting plants. Equipment choices are growing at an alarming rate, costs are rising, proces are falling, infdividual suppliers are sharing ever smaller pieces of the pie, except if they are exporting to Asia. The total industry is drowning in a sea of BS.

    Where is this all going? Into the pockets of Exhibition organisers? It is unbelievably costly for exhibitors to put on a bling show to wow potential clients, without knowing if the lookers are actually qualified bona fide buyers or time wasters looking for a bit of entertainment for the day.

    Ask the Exhibitors.

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    I think the real issue is that there is a massive oversupply of these events for the size of our population. Costs are prohibitive and discourage the smaller players to get involved. The biggies don't win accounts. Prosumer guys don't cover their costs. Joe Average drinks a skin full of coffee for the entrance fee. As TOK has stated, the winners are the organisers- until the event belly flops, that is.

    Realistically, one decent event per year is probably sustainable- perhaps rotating between the main population centres of Sydney and Melbourne. Beyond that, once you've seen one, you have seen 'em all.
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    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Identity crisis?? Just look at MICE this year......

    Slayers lined up within a paper coffee cup throw of a coffee pod display??

    With the cost of a 3m x 3m powered stand..... about 8K for 4 days in the main pavilion ( if my memory is correct ),

    it's no wonder it has such a corporate, rather than rootsy, feel.

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