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Thread: Rancilio silva help

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    Rancilio silva help

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    first time poster here...

    iam am going to inspect a second hand rancilio silva tomorrow and was wondering if there is anything specific (problem wise) I should be looking for?

    it has has a recent service and had ;
    boiler element
    Boiler seal
    saftey thermostat
    general service
    replaced group seal
    replaced shower screen
    Steam tap seal and o ring

    Cleaned and all testing ok..

    the he owner stats he is selling due to not liking the heavy duty machine and opting for a cheap sunbeam machine.

    the only thing of concern is he stated that there is a clunking noise when the machine is dry but it goes away after the first 5 shots poured. He noticed after the service... Anyone else heard of this?

    Thanks in in advance for any help or info... I do appreciate it.

    If if I could afford a nice new one I would be buying it but this is in my budget so hoping for a good second hand one....

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    G'Day Rolly, welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    Re the Silvia, who was it serviced by? I owned a Silvia for 10 years, never experienced the noise you describe, sounds dodgy to me

    SH Silvia's come up pretty regularly now, I'd be looking for one that operated as it's supposed to, and expect the seller to demonstrate that it does.

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