A quick web search will confirm that our suppliers are not the only ones who are feeling the pinch. *The below quote is from a Chicago Times article this week:

“The composite price of coffee has jumped 35 percent since January, to $1.07 a pound from 79 cents a pound, according to the National Coffee Association” * -- *http://www.suntimes.com/output/business/cst-fin-coffee15.html

and another...

Sara Lee hikes coffee prices
Tribune staff, wire reports
Published March 16, 2005

Sara Lee Corp. on Tuesday raised its coffee prices because of increasing prices on the commodities markets. The move was expected after competitors Kraft Foods Inc. and Procter & Gamble Co. raised their prices.

If you want to follow the coffee prices then I can fully recommend having a wander around the “International Coffee Organization” web site. *Most of our coffee prices are indirectly based on the following table which shows how in Febuary alone the prices rose by 11% *-- http://www.ico.org/statist/p1.htm

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