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Thread: Coffee Van Generators

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    Coffee Van Generators

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    Hi, Hello everyone,
    My name is Barry Jones from Perth WA, being a coffee addict myself and my wife have decided to go into business providing a mobile espresso café service selling hot coffee, iced coffee, ice cream, cakes and snacks.
    I am new to this site and currently in the process of fitting out a coffee van and hopefully can get some advice from experienced members
    our van is a 2006 Mitsubishi express one tonne van which we have set up to serve customers from the back lift up door.
    we have a brand new push button automatic coffee machine and brand new twin barrel slushy machine also a small bar fridge powered by a (Blue Diamond BDP 9000 Silent gasoline Air Cooled Fan Forced generator) enclosed in a sound insulated rolling cabinet.This generator has a peak power rating of 8000 watts and a running power rating of 7000 watts. I have been advised by the supplier that it will be quite adequate to run all three items.

    My Query is: is any member currently using one of these generators with success and do they have any issues or overheating issues?

    any advice would be most appreciated
    Regards, Barry Jones - Bazza2648

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    What are the power requirements of your machines? Without this information it will be hard to say if that generator will be suitable.

    Regarding the "push button automatic coffee machine", do you mean a machine that grinds the beans then extracts the coffee for you at the touch of a button? If so, I would reconsider using that machine as your primary coffee machine. They won't make anywhere near as good coffee as a standard commercial coffee machine and without good coffee, you won't have many repeat customers.

    I recently returned from a youth camp where we run a generator with the same 16 HP engine as the Blue Diamond generator. It is a solid and reliable engine that you shouldn't have many problems with. The 8 hour run time is pretty low though. If you are drawing say 5000W out of it all day, which is reasonable based on your rough list of machines, it might make it to 8 hours. Expect to have to do a refuel during the day though.

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    Hi Barry
    Is there any chance you could tell me who is doing the fit out for you please?
    I am struggling to find a professional in W.A. That does this kind of work.
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