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Thread: Breaking into The Aussie Coffee Scene

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    Breaking into The Aussie Coffee Scene

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    My wife and I just moved to Brisbane from the US. She is an experienced barista (by U.S. Standards at least), and truly passionate about coffee (not a Starbucks wannabe). She has seven years experience, including 3 as a supervisor but cannot seem to get anything more than a temporary gig at Zaraffas and at our Uni canteen, none of which even let her touch the machines.

    Now we understand and agree that Aussie coffee standards go beyond what we're used to, but we are also not typical American coffee drinkers. Back home we owned our own manual espresso machine, bought locally roasted beans, steamed our own milk, owned a number of other coffee makers from across the world, etc. In other words, by American standards we were coffee snobs.

    Can anybody offer some advice on how to bridge the gap between a hard fought/earned coffee career in the States to at least a steady position in Brisbane? How can we get that foothold?

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    contact merlo coffee. Cheers

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    There is also a website called coffeejobs......( ignore the 'decades ago' it means 'days ago' :-D)

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