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Thread: How healthy is your cup of coffee?

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    How healthy is your cup of coffee?

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    Hi Folks,

    I found an interesting read at the following link:

    How healthy is your cup of coffee? | Daily Mail Online

    There is a proposed "health rating" according to your favorite drink, listing estimates for Caffeine and corresponding cholesterol. My preference for Cappuccino is not listed as poorly as I expected; allegedly due to half espresso and half steamed milk.

    Cheers, Colin

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    All imported coffee should be tested for chemicals,as the eight month growing and development period that cherries need leaves them totally open and susceptical to toxin absorbtion. Coffee leaf rust, insect attack,fungus' etc. Toxic water used to wash the beans etc.Its amazing the nuances a little fungicide has.Panamanian coffee is a classic example.What does your cup of coffee really contain?

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