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Thread: Coffee magic!

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    Coffee magic!

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    Dear all
    I'm member. i'm from VietNam
    I like drinking coffee and wanna open a coffee shop. But with tradition it has to be very very special.
    I wanna make coffee magic.
    If you have, please share for me
    Example: Coffee burn or others..

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    Welcome tabien2510,

    I think people might be a little confused as to what it is that you are asking. Not quite sure what 'coffee burn or others' means. Perhaps you could rephrase your request?


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    As an aussie chinglish, I can only guess he wants to open a specialty western cafe/roastery as an alternative with a wow factor to the traditional vietnamese cafe which of course serves up dark roasted brewed black coffee served atop condensed milk.
    "Coffee burn " could mean coffee roasting which may indicate off or on site shop roasting, which is why he posted on a coffee roasting forum, and he is asking for advice.
    I could be wrong though...we shall see.
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