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Thread: Cafe mug sizes (they're all over the place)

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    Question Help with cafe mug sizes

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    What are the best mug sizes for say small/regular/large lattes/cappucinos, short blacks, etc? I've tried looking online but couldn't find any standards, and many of the online retailers have vastly different sizes so I have no idea where to start. Is this why some cafe's have really milky coffee's despite having the same shot size?

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    Yes, they can vary greatly.
    Roughly speaking, espresso cups are usually around the 70ml mark, larger cups tend to range from 160ml - 280ml and beyond.
    Personally, I use 280ml cups for latte/flat white/caps that I find are right for me with a 30ml espresso shot in them.

    If you enjoy coffee from a specific place, see if you can get the size of the cups from them.
    Otherwise, I would suggest if you like less milk to coffee ratio, try a 160ml cup, otherwise look into slightly larger. Once you go above a certain size, I think you'd have to be in double-shot territory


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    This is explained well in a blog on five senses - Coffee with milk: Id like mine coffee flavoured please (hopefully not bad code/against regs to mention that here) and possibly in other topics here too.

    I have 200ml mugs and when I pull a single off one side of my double portafilter (making two coffees) I get a weaker cappucino then I'd like. I do seem to get a larger single shot from my single basket when stopping both at what I see as blonding and this is closer to the strength of cap I'd like.

    I seem to have 18g double basket and was thinking of eventually getting a 20g VST basket.

    Eventually I'll actually measure the actual shot size my 2 baskets deliver. Also, I will measure officially that my mugs are 200ml.

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    The biggest cup I ever use for myself for a double shot is a 160ml although I have a set of 220ml Maxwell & Williams White Basics for guests that like a big bucket of milk.
    I notice that a lot of cafes (even here in the sticks) have a 160ml cup available these days, although you do need to confirm that they intend to put a double shot in it.
    I had a smile the other day when I bought a Latte at a country bakery. I specified the smallest take-away cup (about 200ml) with a double shot and only half-full with milk. The "Barista" was very concerned that it would be too strong - insisted that I try it before leaving.

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    As another point of reference, you can also look at the cup sizes of ACF cups (used in many cafes)... cappuccino is 160ml, espresso 70ml.

    I think a good idea would be to try before you buy though. I am a double shot flat white drinker myself, and found the coffees I make at home using my 18g VST basket are best served in a 170ml cup to my tastebuds.

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