I usually roast some caffeinated beans then some decaf and mix them 2/3 to 1/3 to cut down on the caffeine. Normally every order I try something new.
The last order I bought some NATURAL WATER DECAF COLOMBIAN, I've had it before but this time it smells as bad as it tastes. Im looking for something sweet and mild with low acid. Can someone recommend something for me?
These are the choices I would like to choose from. I live in the US so I cant order from Coffee snobs due to high shipping to the US. MWP Decaf Brazil "Serra Negra"

Decaf Ethiopian Sidamo MWP Royal Select
Decaf Guatemala MWP Royal Select

Decaf FTO Sumatra MWP
Decaf Costa Rica Origin Select MWP

$6.85 $33.75 $143.44