Expression of Interest Poll.
*This is NOT for the actual coffee yet*

The purpose of an EOI poll is to give an indication of whether a whole bag (or more) of a certain coffee might be snapped up by CS members if it were to go on a real poll.

From Graemes original notes (October 04):
Tasted as an espresso, this coffee had a slightly subdued aroma with hints of oranges and some earthiness. Crema is well coloured and sustained throughout the tasting. This is a medium bodied coffee showing a touch of acidity. Adding some sugar brought a nuttiness to the aroma and enhanced the fruitiness. This is a nicely balanced coffee but one that does not have the strenght and impact on the back of the palate of some of the fuller bodied coffees we have tried recently. A very nice coffee!
My own experience:
It is a very good medium body coffee. I have found it to be exceptional in milk based drinks. Good crema, great flavour that sustains through the whole cup. Easy to go for a 2nd in quick time. Yum! :D