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Thread: Temperature profiling Xcelcius by Rancilio

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    Temperature profiling Xcelcius by Rancilio

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    Hi guys,
    I run my own cafe commercial content removed as per Site Posting Policy and I've always used La Marzocco. Been very happy with their machines, however, recently I trialled the Rancilio Xcelsius Classe11 from Espress Group in Thomastown (I'll give them a plug coz they helped me out while my La Marzocco was getting customised with them. I was pretty impressed with it. So much so I'm thinking of installing the Classe11 permanently. I really found the temperature profiling function where I could set the brew temp to be not just a "marketing tool" but a genuine feature that really worked. Just wanted others opinions on temp profiling, if they have tried it and any thoughts. Cheers, Dan.
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