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Thread: Portafilter naked conversion help.. Adelaide nobs?

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    Portafilter naked conversion help.. Adelaide nobs?

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    Hey guys,

    I'm wanting to convert one of my handles to a naked filter. I was wondering if anybody in Adelaide knew of a CNC laser cutting business who might do a cash job or have any success doing it themselves and have some advice?


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    Assuming the PF handle doesn't form part of the base like my BES920 then you can DIY though it may not look the best, but it will certainly work.

    For my 6910 which was just brass I used a hole saw and water for lubrication. Went slow and cleaned it up with a die grinder. It was relatively easy.

    If stainless then sorry but that's beyond my capabilities so hopefully others will chime in. I do know others who have tried it and it wasn't easy at all. My view on stainless is just buy a ready made one. I'm sure one of sponsors can help you out. Warning though, they are not cheap.

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    I haven't tried them, and they aren't a sponsor anymore, but Pullman Coffee in Panorama advertises that they do it. They share space with a laser cutting/engraving business

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    There was a very generous guy on the forum here, around Liverpool in NSW, who would do them for people. Likely the thread is in the Pay it Forward section.

    I personally cut mine out with a hole saw and apart from the brass not being chromed where it was cut, it looks fine.

    You wouldn't CNC mill it though - a manual metal lathe would be far easier and do a perfect job. I would have done that, but couldn't get the handle off, I had a laugh.

    Nakeds are usually around $70 new if you can find it for your group - you wouldn't get it much cheaper professionally machined. Heck I just got a quote for CNC routing to cut a kidney shape out of a piece of 6' x 3' board and they wanted $500, without rounding the edges.

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