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Thread: What does it mean when the extraction is thin and squirty?

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    What does it mean when the extraction is thin and squirty?

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    Hi all.

    I've been using my Rancilio Silvia + Rocky combo at home for about 5 years.

    Initially I bought 250g bags of beans from boutique roasters in Sydney like Campos/Toby's/Mecca, and have long switched to supermarket beans due to the price. If I want a really good coffee I know where to go instead of making it at home.

    One thing I noticed is that when I use good quality beans, the extraction is thick like honey, rich and concentrated with beautiful crema, at least initially. When I use a naked portafilter it creates a lovely textured cone. When I make a latte/flat white with it, the taste is quite close to what I can in a cafe.

    See this video I uploaded years ago:

    However within about 4-5 days, the same beans at the same grind setting then produce thin, watery extraction which doesn't taste or look good anymore.

    I always thought it was due to freshness of the beans, that within a few days the beans go stale, which also explains why supermarket beans rarely produce a rich thick extraction. Also explains why cafes rarely have this problem because once they open a 1kg bag of beans it would only last a few hours let alone a few days. Problem is a 1kg bag takes me about 6 weeks to finish.

    Recently though, I found a roaster near home who sells 250g of fresh beans (they roast each week), and I was disappointed when the extraction was watery, and I've tried a few grind settings including very fine.

    Surprisingly, when I buy the cheap 1kg Coles medium-dark roasted Fairtrade beans, they produce a very thick extraction which tastes pretty good for supermarket beans. I usually look at the expiry date and buy them when there is more than 11 months left, because I figure it means it was roasted less than a month ago.

    So am I right in thinking stale old beans = thin watery tasteless extraction, and fresh beans = thick rich beautiful extraction?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Fresh beans as they age you have to adjust the grind, this will help the viscosity of the pour. Most beans mature after the roast date. Most here would not consider supermarket coffee beans, but if they suit your purpose that's fine. Once a bean is over it's use by date (stale) nothing will help.
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