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Thread: Mobile coffee machine servicing service?

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    Mobile coffee machine servicing service?

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    So I'd like to get my Breville serviced but I don't want to drive an hour to Ballarat or Bendigo, leave my machine there for at least three days (they say) then drive back another day to pick it up. I don't know how there is no one that does a mobile repairs service, surely they'd do a roaring trade? No coffee addict wants to be without there machine for more than a day.
    I'm in Maryborough central vic and cannot find a mobile service. If anyone around hear know a secret service that's just not listed anywhere? Hook me up? Please

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    An hours drive is hardly a big ask is it? For many it's less than their daily commute to work. And... you say you're looking for someone else to do the driving for you in that you're hoping to find a mobile service that comes to your door? If such a service does exist in your neck of the woods be prepared to pay through the nose as someone will have to compensate them for all that travel time. Bottom line... throw the machine in your car and get the job done.
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    I totally understand with above poster it's hard to cart a large coffe machine around for servicing especially if you have little kids in tow. Whilst I don't know of any mobile servicing custom coffees in Bendigo are worth checking out they service my machines and are great.

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    Here’s a thought in case helps.
    Buy a secondhand cheap machine so your not without coffee while it’s getting serviced then you can drop it off and pick up your main machine when your ready.
    You can then also learn to service (replace seals, descale. Ect if needed) and not worry about breaking your good machine, save some money in long run but doing it yourself.
    Or buy a V60, Aeropress and try filter, pour over type coffee while main machines getting serviced.
    guessing you make trips to Ballarat or Bendigo occasionally if live out regional vic
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    Yeah good advice.

    I get the machine serviced about once a year, and we use a French press for a few days while the machine is away.

    With fresh ground beans a French press makes a decent brew.

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    Try Serhan at ASIS coffee machines in Ballarat. They are Mobil technicians. Not sure how far they travel but Iím pretty sure they will come to you.

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