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Thread: Anyone else had problems with Ethiopian Sundried Gambelli?

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    Anyone else had problems with Ethiopian Sundried Gambelli?

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    Hi guys.

    Had this coffee bean quite a few times before, but this shipment is very different. As though they don't have any quality control. Lots of nasty looking beans in the bag (very dark and shriveled looking)

    I have sent a note to Andy, but was wondering if it is just my shipment or has anyone else had the same thing?

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    Just checked my three x 2.5kg bags and they look fine, you will always get a bit of colour variation due to the processing!!

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    I bought a few kilos of this as i do here and there. I agree they do look different but i wouldnt say for the worse. I have roasted over 6 kilos on different occasions recently and found it to be pretty damn good. As Greenman has stated above you will always get some bean colour and also size variations. I have been using this for the guys at work and they love it. Tried it at a few different roast levels and found it good at all.



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    Yeah I bought some of this in December. Spent a few hours picking out the defects in one bag to roast up, and unfortunately keeping the second bag for seasoning my Bullet once they're available for purchase. Definitely not a "specialty grade" batch this lot. [The beans aren't claimed to be specialty grade, so I'm not quoting anyone on that]
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