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Thread: Why baristas are about to earn less in Australia

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    Why baristas are about to earn less in Australia

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    This is probably more Off Topic than General Coffee Related but given the news article's title in GCR it goes!

    On Thursday, Australian officials made a decision that prompted an immediate backlash around the country.

    The nation's workplace tribunal, the Fair Work Commission, slashed a pay benefit for workers in the hospitality, retail, fast food and pharmacy industries.
    Full article here: Why baristas are about to earn less in Australia - BBC News

    Java "More hours with less pay. Fuggers!" phile
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    As a tech I'm not too concerned - heck, it might get busier! But my daughter is a barista in training and she's always been keen to work Sunday because of the penalty rate. I wonder if baristi will start refusing to work weekends now or making excuses to not work Sunday.

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    Some baristi at the larger, multi national coffee establishments (Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Zarraffas, The Coffee Club, Hudsons etc) may go on a "make coffee slower" strike

    Less pay, less work...........
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    It's just all part of the bigger picture......we're all just hampsters on the wheel.....the greater powers will ensure entitlements and rights are slowly withered away, a little section at a time. Within 10 years the Saturday Penalty rate will go, years after it the new Sunday rate will then follow.

    if they're going to do away with these things, then govt departments, the ato etc.....everyone should be open at the same time without penalty.

    makes no difference to me as I'm no longer a wage earner but I can see it will hurt many who are already hurting.

    if the govt wants to help little business, remove the red tape and hack into tax you want to stimulate the economy or kick the common folk some more......what's next, increases in politician kick backs?

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