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Thread: Roasters going specialty coffee and capsules

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    Roasters going specialty coffee and capsules

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    I was having a discussion with a customer and she was telling me that when a roastery sells specialty beans plus sells nespresso capsules her perspective on that roastery decreases than if they just did the specialty beans.

    It got me thinking and if I come across a roaster on the internet and that provided both (I dont mean to do it) but I dont take them as serious as I would if they were just a small roastery roasting up killer beans.

    What is everyone else thoughts on this?

    Whats your view on roasteries who do both compared to just beans?

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    Nespresso would be a turnoff, but if they were putting their specialty roasts into capsules to cater for the convenience market I think it would appeal to a lot of coffee lovers!!
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    Innovation is good. If they were claiming it was as good as fresh ground or had a long shelf life then, not so good
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    If the demand is there tap into it, if customers like their coffee beans and have pod machines then providing the product doesn't make them any less of a roaster. I will sell coffee ground for people if that's what they want, doesn't mean I think that's the best way to buy it, I hate selling ground coffee but if they want it ground I'll do it.
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    Agreed Philiby,

    In an ideal world everyone has a grinder and grinds fresh, unfortunately most people like things easy and don't like to spend money, so they buy ground and as a business owner, if you don't sell them ground, they will go buy it from someone who will grind it (despite telling them ground coffee sucks).
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