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Thread: Australian International Coffee Awards

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    Australian International Coffee Awards

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    That competition started a few years ago and is run by the Royal Melbourne Show, not sure how "international" it is (apart from the name) but I'm sure its building momentum.

    The problem I had with the comp is that they presented the made coffee, a saucer of the whole beans and a saucer of the ground coffee to each judge. That got my back up as judges would decide what the coffee was like on visual appearance before they tasted it. You could enter a really dark coffee which might work great in the cup but the wrong judge would be calling rubbish before he tasted it. It's also true for multi roast depth blends that look motley but can actually give far better balance and a wider spectrum of flavours in the cup.

    Whats interesting in that linked article is that it appears they have changed that tactic and showed a couple of coffee's without the whole and ground beans. I might give it another look next year if it's changed into a true blind sensory competition where taste is what gets scored instead of being judged on a preconceived opinion of what good coffee should look like.

    I don't care what my coffee looks like, it's created for flavours, balance and body... appearance doesn't make my list.

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    I totally agree Andy !

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