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Thread: Best auto machine up to $3000

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    Best auto machine up to $3000

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey guys

    I've got a buddy who's looking to get an auto machine for home. He has no interest in traditional machines and making coffee the real way, hence an auto. Any recommendations with a max budget up to this amount?

    thanks guys


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    I reckon your mate might be better off just going in to a reputable coffee retailer in his city and asking what the options are.

    Other than site sponsors, I can't imagine that too many of the forum members use high-end auto machines.

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    For that kind of money his best option would be to hire an arts grad to walk to a local cafe and bring him back a latte once or twice a day.....

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    <Dan's unprofessional opinion> My recommendation is that if someone wants a full auto machine, find something that is aesthetically pleasing because the decision can't be based on good coffee taste.

    He's best off taking a bag of his beans to a shop and having a play but really comes down to what he is after. He might be better off with a Pod machine and save a heap of money.

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    Breville oracle count? It's semi fully auto!

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    Unfortunately to get half decent espresso and good reliability from a super auto you really need to be looking at the commercial level machines from manufacturers like Franke, Faema/Cimbali, Schraerer or Jura. Generally their good machines start at $10k and go up to $25k+. $3000 is still firmly in the appliance price range so if he's dead set on this type of machine I'd try to steer him towards an Oracle too. If that's still too much work for him then he just needs to buy the most expensive Delonghi or Jura he can find. I think it'll be a Primmadonna from Delonghi or a Z5 or something I think it is from Jura. Better to buy direct from Delonghi too or a specialist as Harvey Norman won't quite cut it at this level.
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    At the very beginning of my coffee journey, many years ago, I bought a Delonghi Primmadonna.
    before then, I was drinking drip filter coffee.
    At that time my coffee loving friends had been buying Breville Romas or the equivelent, but I had noticed that they were just sitting on the bench collecting dust after a few months.
    Anyway, we had just built a new home and decided to splash out on a "good" machine. Bought the Delonghi and thought that it was the best thing since sliced bread, convenient, produced an enjoyable milk coffee and was able to cater for many guests in a short time.
    It was used every day for about three years before I upgraded to a manual machine. By then I had started roasting my own coffee and realised I needed a manual machine to get that "cafe" quality.
    Although I have come a long way since then, I don't regret buying it. It did everything I wanted at the time and got a real work out. It wasn't without the usual appliance reliability issues. Had it in for a leaking boiler under warranty and another time out of warranty (cant remember the issue).
    Site sponser Cremma Coffee Garage was the service agent in Newcastle. As well as a range of manual machines, I know they sell Jura as well, not sure of any others as I don't look in that corner of the shop these days
    Pod machines weren't around at the time.
    If your friend is happy to splash out the big bucks, I would probably still go super auto over pod as from my experience they are quicker when catering for a number of people and look better on the bench. Just be sure they buy from someone with good after sales back up, like Cremma Coffee Garage.

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    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    My brother has also got a Delonghi Primadonna. He is very happy with it.

    He fully understands that he will never get the same result as my machine, but he uses my beans and gets an acceptable result for his personal needs.

    If your mate is hell bent on a fully auto, this one does the job (as well as an auto can) and with regular cleaning, seems to last OK.
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