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Thread: Thin watery espresso. Please help.

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    Unhappy Thin watery espresso. Please help.

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    Hey guys!

    Wondering if you could help me:
    My espresso has started extracting thin and watery.

    Grinders are clean and aligned. It's happening with the Mythos and Ek.
    Tried different beans, happening with multiple.
    Tried different baskets. Still happening.
    Checked temp, grind, changed water filter, checked pressure, used naked portafilter to check for channeling.
    Shots are going through in proper time.

    Espresso looks and tastes a little under even when shots are drawn out longer than desired time.
    Espresso isn't as full, it doesn't fill your mouth. No body, really flat
    Still a decent crema.

    I don't know what else to check. Any ideas what it may be?
    Unfortunately I don't have a refractometer but I would guess that extraction % would be down.

    I haven't change anything in workflow and this just came on suddenly.

    im working on a la marzocco Linea classic 3 group.

    Any help at all would be massively appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Pls provide a video showing your complete workflow

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    With regard to the beans...
    What are they, who roasted them and when were they roasted?

    Enquiring minds------------


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    Thanks Melbroaster, I'll try get one up tomorrow afternoon.
    It's not beans, we get blends and singles from all different roasters.
    we have been getting them for the past year and everything. Has been fine.
    i don't really want to say which roasters as I don't want to associate this problem with any of them.

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    Do the extractions taste balanced or sour?

    Are your scales calibrated? Maybe they are giving you inaccurate dose/yield and messing with your brew ratio?

    What kind of water filter are you using and which city are you in? Its possible to over soften in cities like Melbourne and this can have an impact. It's relatively marginal though.

    Short of this you've already ticked the most obvious boxes.

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    No chance that you've got descaling solution somewhere that it shouldn't be?

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    you have said you have already checked temp: however I thought I'd relate an experience I've had re watery/thin espresso.

    using a hx home machine though, so not sure if that translates at all to you, however: I was often getting watery espressos sometimes, sometimes no - and didn't know what was causing the inconsistency. Checked distribution, different baskets etc.

    In the end it was all temp related, and came down to getting my machine calibrated so the temp was more consistent/stable.

    now I get a watery shot first shot of the day post warm up etc, then every consecutive shot is full bodied and georgeous. I wish I knew how that all works, but the diff between a degree or two at the right time definitely effects espresso outcome.

    anyway, like I said, not sure how relevant to your situation this is, but given the other things you've checked, could be worth investigating further.
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    Thank you all for your help.
    i thought it might be a temp problem too as the espresso pour looks fine. 3 colours, tiger stripes, not blonding too early.
    For anyone interested, I have enabled "self-tuning" on the PID and it seems to be helping a little.
    Will report back with updates.

    Thanks again.

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