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Thread: Ulka ex5 water pump

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    Ulka ex5 water pump

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    Hi Guys,
    Managed to get my hands on a Vibiemme domobar super electric which needs a new water pump.. The one currently in the machine is an Ulka ex5 230V - 50Hz - 48W rated at 2/1 min.
    I've managed to source a brand new Ulka ex5 220/240V - 50/60hz - 48W water pump and was told it would be a perfect replacement by the salesman..
    Just curious to know if the difference in voltage will make any major difference to my machine and flow of coffee etc?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    It should work just fine. It may well be the same part but with a wider voltage tolerance specified on the label to cater for a wider range of markets.

    All else being equal with a vibe pump, the flow rate should be regulated mainly by the supply frequency (50Hz in Australia). The actual flow through the coffee would be regulated by the pressure regulating valve, assuming correct dose, tamp etc.


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    Thanks Matt! Appreciate your help once again..
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