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Thread: DIY Tall barista style knock box

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    DIY Tall barista style knock box

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    Hey everyone, just thought I'd share my latest project for a barista style knock box. I had a tiny knock box that kept filling quickly and that would make a mess due to it's small diameter. It cost me $25 at the time.
    This motivated the creation of the following box. I didn't want to spend tons of money on A piece of plastic,so decided on building my own.
    Total cost for parts was $30 because I already had screws (used wood screws) and a drill with drill bits

    15cm X 1 meter PVC tubing - 24$ for the main body (
    Deta electrical conduit - I think was <$2 for the bar (similar to but I bought a shorter one)
    4 brackets for the base that were about $1 each
    12 Screws (I used wood screws) to secure the brackets

    Other tools:
    Drill with bits
    Sandpaper to smooth the cut pvc

    Really simple project:
    1. Cut the large pvc piping to the right shape and height (I used a diagonal cut to mid tube then straight across)
    2. Sand off the cut surface for smoothness
    3. Cut the bar to an appropriate length ( probably about 20 cm)
    4. Drill holes into the main body after marking where the bar should go, mine was eyeballed as I have minimal tools, about 1.5 cm from the top
    5. I used drill bits with increasing diameter to make the holes, then just grinded in a circular fashion to enlarge the hole until large enough for the bar (could be done more elegantly with a hole saw)
    6. Attached brackets as legs to stabilise everything as I have a child

    Since I made the holes just big enough for the crossbar and they weren't perfectly aligned, there was enough tension to keep the bar in place without having to secure it

    I chose to put a bag in the box, but you can buy an end cap for the PVC pipe to enclose the box

    Works beautiful and you can actually fashion another knock box from the top piece you saw off
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