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Thread: Small pleasures

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    Small pleasures

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    I know my machine / grinder could be fancier and better maintained. I know I could pay more attention to my beans or try roasting my own. I do, however, gain enormous pleasure from knowing that, these days, the best coffee i have on any given day is usually the coffee I made at home!
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    Ahh, I really like this post . It's a great reminder.. Too often we can get caught up in obsessively controlling every single variable (along with regretting our equipment or lack of) and end up not enjoying the cup (because we're ruminating while drinking how it 'could/should' have gone..).. And while obviously we need to think about how to improve in order to fully appreciate and enjoy better coffee, it's nice to slow down and enjoy what we make.

    (A few months ago... I made a coffee...get ready... without measuring... ANY variables at all! It was wiiiild... even I struggled a bit doing it honestly haha but I think that's good to do every once in awhile!)

    I like the ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony, taking your time and remaining present with the process, and try to align it with coffee making.

    Thanks for the reminder catbert6

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    Catbert, I think you have nailed enjoying the coffee experience and pointed out we can easily get lost striving for something close to what we already have. Thank you for this post, it made me happy to read it the first time and again now.

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