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Thread: Interstate Freight - My mind was blown today....

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    Interstate Freight - My mind was blown today....

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    So after having purchased a nice little Cimbali privately from folks in Perth, I organized freight from my end ( SE Qld ). (Seller was happy to package up securely for transit. )
    Done it plenty of times before with other expensive items ( guitars, etc ) without issue.

    Got the run-around this time with a number of different couriers due to the weight of course - found out LOTS of couriers refuse single items weighing over 25kg due to WHS rules for lifting , etc and so must be on a pallet. ( Boxed up Cimbali weighed in at 39kg ) Fair enough. ( No doubt probably the most secure way to transport a coffee machine anyway, its just that it wasn't possilble this time.)
    Toll Ipec were one that did gave me the ok without a pallet, but with a price at $350.

    So after a lot of worry and stress and a rejected booking when the sellers attempted a depot drop off for me , I happened to stumble across '' . Basically a free brokerage service for online bookings.
    Punched in my package details, it then gave me some discount code which I entered, and out spat the 5 options.
    TNT came in cheapest at $79. Road transport, 7-10 days delivery. No pallet required. Bargain I thought. Not in any hurry for it, so booked it in.

    That was Monday night, this week.

    Sellers in Perth txt'd me Tuesday ( yesterday ) to say Courier had been and picked it up from their house. Beauty I thought, the journey has begun at least. Hopefully should be here by the end of next week...
    Got a phone call today ( Wednesday ), TNT courier driver - "hey mate I'm at your door with a rather large box..." ( Bundaberg, SE Qld )
    There ya go. Mind blown.
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    Yes, they're pretty efficient and competitive alright...

    Have used them on and off over the past few years for a variety of things, including valuable and fragile hi-fi recording equipment, all arrived safe and sound.

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    'Tis nice when things work out!

    Java "WooHoo! New toy!" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!

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    Received a package through toll in 2 days from Adelaide to the community where I live in East Kimberley last week. Ozpost is typically 6-10 days for express post
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    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Wow, that's impressive!

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