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Thread: Service locations for Rancilio Silvia in Adelaide and estimate on cost?

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    Service locations for Rancilio Silvia in Adelaide and estimate on cost?

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    Hi all

    I have a Rancilio Silvia which is probably due for a checkup and service. I would like to make sure its producing the proper pressure and valves etc are working ok. It can be a bit inconsistent in flow rates between coffess without adjust any other factors, such as grind, tamping etc. It could be me, but I also feel the pressure release valve my not be operating correctly? When you turn off the machine it shoots excess water into the tray via a bypass. As of late this hasnt happened with every shot.
    Who would you recommend in Adelaide and what is the rough cost to get one a serviced?
    It's used at home and I would drop off and pick up. Cost is definitely a factor and if its excessive I will probably do it myself.


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    No idea on cost sorry, but CafeServices in Unley - just off Unley road are great. I have had my Pavoni serviced there and they are straight shooters and give great service. I believe they service most makes & models and likely the Silvia as it is a popular machine. Give them a buzz and they are generally happy to have a chat.

    When I have dropped my machine there in the past they gave me a rough upfront cost and then said if they find anything else wrong and they estimate the costs to be over $150 they will call before going ahead. When I was still having some issues later on with it (some old dodgy wiring that wasn't original) they fixed it free of charge.

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