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Thread: Advice needed

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    Advice needed

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    I've been playing around with a naked portafilter and all in all i'm pretty happy but I am a noob who is self trained and only has my own coffees to judge by. Am I doing something wrong here or should I be happy with this pour? The thing that I'm curious about is whats with the spitting at the start is that normal or do I need to improve something?


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    Thats a pretty decent pour. I would say too fast for my tastes. Tighten up the grind and/or dose a bit more. You are getting nice evenly spread of droplets initially, good forming of central pour and nice tiger stripes which are all good. The stream of spitting (squirters) are caused by channeling (not ideal). If you slowed down the pour by half and eliminated the squirters then it would be excellent.

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    Hi JB, that's a very nice pour and one I would be pleased with - but not quite proud. About 1 in 5 of my pours have a spitter and when they do they tend to pour a wee bit faster, in the 20-25sec range, (as opposed to an optimum 30-40sec in my case) - probably due to operator error - usually the result in the cup shows no vastly noticeable difference to a slower pull which had no evidence of channelling or spritzers whatsoever. I get a certain sense of accomplishment when all the stars align and I achieve my idea of a perfect looking (and sometimes tasting too!) shot. BTW I weigh my beans/shots. As Artman eluded, changing grind settings in a methodical manner, changing one variable at a time gets me to the sweet spot quicker.

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    Thanks guys some good advice.... I find I get into bad habits and occasionally its good to see what everyone else is doing. My machine doesn't have an OPV so pressure is much higher than most machines and I think that makes it less forgiving. Fortunately I drink with milk at home so it really doesn't matter as much if the shot isn't perfect.
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