Howdy guys
tldr: I came up with this with something I had lying around and thought I would share because why not.

After posting my espresso preparation process on Reddit and getting feedback, I was introduced to the WDT process because of lumps in my grind. I have been using a safety pin but it was a bit thin, would get stuck in the holes and wouldn't do a whole lot. I created a DIY tool that I thought I would show you guys. Pics to follow

So my breville smart grinder grinds like this on setting 5/60 after about 2 years of use, obviously this isn't really acceptable.


I had one of these $1 scalp massagers lying around and it noone was using it.

So I turned it into this

So what I do is:
I grind into the basket lined with a cut up yoghurt container , spin this in the grounds a few times, then tap the grounds to settle them down, and tamp.
Is this the correct process for WDT?
I thought you guys might like to see it and I'm interested in hearing what you guys think .

A new grinder isn't in the budget this year and I don't know much about sharpening burrs but this does the trick and removes a variable in my shot. I can't wait to get my naked portafilter to see how it's really working