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Thread: The home of espresso going American?

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    The home of espresso going American?

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    An interesting read, especially the high numbers of people who prefer milky drinks: The Italians who prefer to drink American coffee - BBC News

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    Be interesting to see how *$s goes. They failed in melbourne due to their unique "coffee" experience.

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    So it's not 'good' American coffee then, it's much more like Starbucks or Gloria Jeans. In some ways it might actually have more chance of success than more modern coffee chains like Blue Bottle, Inteligentsia or Verve would. I can see why all those companies are heading for Asia rather than Europe as there's a huge demand for their style of coffee and cafe over there.
    And I'm not surprised to hear these guys didn't have any luck in Melbourne, but you never know they might have more luck in Italy. It's almost like a US theme or experience cafe and might work in the same way that Tex-Mex or pizza restaurants work in our part of the world. Even though they're nothing like the traditional forms of those foods we go there partly for the experience.

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