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Thread: how many coffees sold per day in a regular Cafe

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    how many coffees sold per day in a regular Cafe

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    Hi all,
    I'm new to this forum, could some one tell me how many coffees you should sell in a regular cafe per day ? is 100 to 150 cup too much?
    also do you have any recommendation on a good coffee school for a new starter

    thank you

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    I imagine it varies a lot. My usual cafe would probably make 150 coffees before 9am...
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    My usual cafe has numbers on the stickers on your order and I am usually around 115-130 at around 10am. Suburban type cafe not in a main street or anything.

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    one cafe in Picton owned by a mate goes through 70kg of coffee a week, one of the cafes i roast for in a small country town outside of ballarat uses 3-4.

    Some days the country cafe only makes 15 coffees some days he makes 100
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    Hi Guys,

    yeah it depends on the cafe really. A super busy cafe will do in excess of 100 coffees in an hour easily, that represents about 1kg of coffee. As mentioned quieter cafes may do only 50-100 in a day.

    Regarding barista training, I did mine at Danes and it was really good, however there are plenty of good barista courses, it depends where you live too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by aram View Post
    is 100 to 150 cup too much?

    it is more important how much money you take for the coffee
    you can sell 50 cups for 500 (what currency ever) or you sell 100 cups for the same money..

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