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Thread: Do old machines have any monetary value?

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    Do old machines have any monetary value?

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    My old Giotto Rocket has given up the ghost. It stopped working recently and I took it to a repairer locally here in north-east Vic and I've just been told it will cost over $1100 to repair. Which seems like a lot to spend on an old machine. If I decide to replace it with a new machine, does the old machine have any value? Does it go to the tip? Would seem tragic. It's a beautiful machine. I have a lot of affection for it. It just doesn't work.

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    Shame to go to the tip, you're bound to find someone in this forum who will be willing to take it off your hands (for a small fee) and give it a new life by rebuilding it.. this of course depends on the overall condition it's in and how much you're willing to sell it for..

    Before you go down that path, have you thought about getting a second opinion? I'm sure one of the CS site sponsors will be able to help..

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    How long did it last from build year? I've got a fairly old machine myself.. Did he give you a breakdown of the parts and labour for the $1100+ or just quote?

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    that machine is not old!

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    The labour rates at some shops is very expensive. They are used to dealing with cafes with expensive hardware who are not as price sensitive. Also unfortunately the most time consuming possible repair is also the most common and that is scale build up. It often means completely stripping down the machine and even replacing the boiler (as often parts seize onto the boiler).

    The machine is worth good money I would think depending on condition and someone will certainly be keen to take it apart and get it running.

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    Hell, I'd love to have a go fixing it! If no one else has been sending you PM's then let me know if you are wanting to move it on!

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    Did the repairer indicate what they thought might be the nature of the problem?
    To quote "$1100." suggests that they did some diagnosis.

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